Vila Luana
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Conditions of Use – Rules and Instructions
The reservation terms are the Agreement without intermediaries between the Renter (Ivan Cerović, Radići 1, 51511 Malinska) and the guest, and refer only to reservations made through the
Upon receiving the reservation request, we will send you an E-mail within 24 hours with confirmation of your request, information on availability of Villa Štala, reservation terms, deadlines, and payment methods. After confirmation of availability, 30% of the total rental amount must be paid. That amount shall be considered a non-refundable deposit. Should the guest fail to pay the afore-mentioned deposit within 10 days of confirmation of availability, it shall be considered that they have cancelled the reservation. The remaining amount of the reservation (70%) must be paid by the guest at least 30 days before arrival. If the guest does not pay the rest of the reservation amount, it shall be considered that the guest has given up the reservation and shall lose the paid deposit in full, and the Renter has the right to rent the house again to other guests. If the reservation refers to a period starting in less than 30 days, the guest is required to pay the entire amount of the rent immediately after confirmation of the reservation (within 48 hours). After the payment of the deposit and the total reservation amount, the owner will send the confirmation of payment and reservation to the guest via E-mail. Upon arrival to the facility, the guest is obligated to pay a damage deposit. The guest will receive confirmation for the deposit paid, and if there is no damage during the stay, the deposit will be refunded to the guest. The reservation cannot be made by a person under 18 years of age.
In case of inability to travel due to the closing of interstate borders on the day of arrival, guests may:
  • - transfer the reservation for another travel date in the same year
  • - transfer the reservation for next year
  • - request refund of the paid deposit.
It is allowed to change the date of arrival and departure at least 90 days before arrival if the requested date is available. If the requested date is not available, the guest may cancel the reservation, in which case they shall permanently lose the deposit, or can ask for another date. If the guest is prevented from arriving, they are allowed to transfer the reservation to another person or group, but they need to inform the renter thereof in writing. Guests are strongly recommended to obtain trip cancellation insurance.
In case of accommodation cancellation by the Renter due to overbooking, the Renter will immediately inform the guest thereof and try to find alternative accommodation of a similar type, standard, and location. If alternative accommodation does not exist or is not acceptable to the guest, the Renter will return the entire amount paid to the guest and the Renter shall bear no other responsibility.
The current reservation price is stated in the offer when confirming the reservation, i.e., paying the deposit in the amount of 30%. The rental prices of Villa Štala are listed on the website, and the Renter reserves the right to change the price. The total accommodation price includes all taxes and fees. The accommodation price includes fully furnished and equipped house, as well as bed linen, towels, electricity, water, heating, and cooling. All additional services arranged with the Renter by the guest must be paid by the guest upon their execution.
All guests included in the reservation are responsible for their journey to and departure from the facility. During their stay, the guests are responsible for all property in the house and the corresponding estate and are obliged to leave the house to the Renter in the same condition as they found it. The person confirming the reservation in communication with the Renter represents all persons staying in the house, i.e., is liable for damage done by any guest who stays in the house for the duration of the reservation. In case of non-compliance with the house rules and reservation terms, the owner has the right to cancel the reservation at any time and ask the guest to leave the house without refund.
The Renter shall not be responsible for death or injury of any guest or any other person on the property unless this arises from the Renter’s proven negligence. The Renter shall not be liable for any violation of the terms of the reservation terms or delay if this is beyond his control, including: force majeure, explosions, storms, fire or accident, earthquake, war or war threat, civil disorders, legislation or any measures of government or local self-government, strikes or other actions or disputes, and bad weather conditions, nor other situations beyond his control. The Renter is not responsible for mechanical equipment failure, such as pumps, boilers, filtration system, etc. Should the equipment in the house malfunction, the Renter will do everything in his power to remove the malfunction as soon as possible. The Renter is not responsible for any failures and difficulties in the provision of services that are not under his control, such as the supply of drinking water, electricity, waste collection, the provision of all other utilities and telecommunications services (the Internet). The owner is not responsible for noise or any other disturbance originating outside the limits of the Villa Štala estate. In this case, the Renter will do everything in his power to eliminate the disturbance.
In Malinska, January 28, 2022